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Welcome to Small Acts of Devotion!

This site, founded and sustained by Arria Deepwater, is dedicated to exploring all of the small and gentle ways we can nurture kindness, foster well-being, and transform meaningless suffering into peace – for everyone.

IMG_1806Arria Deepwater is a devoted spiritual explorer. She embraces The Difficult like a cup of medicinal tea – warm, beneficial and often bitter-tasting. She appreciates The Small as tiny moments of practice and remembering.
Arria has come to this way after decades of experimenting with the endless inspiration, unlimited expansion and passionate boldness typically offered in modern spiritual movements. Once a champion of that path, she has now set it aside, understanding that there is inherent value in learning to sit quietly and kindly with discomfort.

Instead of disdaining, overcoming or transforming limitation, she now seeks to honour it in all forms. Arria suspects that limitation itself, not our capacity to overcome it, is the true definition of fbteaour humanity. Investigating this idea may hold the key to encouraging peace and well-being for all.

Much of her perspective and understanding is shaped by the limitations of her own experience, set by a chronic debilitating condition.  As a result, Arria often explores the lessons and issues of chronic illness, weakness and pain.

Please explore the site, make comments or ask questions.